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Publications, published

A. Klust, H. Pietsch, and J. Wollschläger (1998): Growth of CaF2 on Si(111): Imaging of the CaF interface by friction force microscopy, Applied Physics Letters v73(14) p1967-1969 (1998) more

A. Meier, P. Zahl, R. Vockenroth, and M. Horn-von Hoegen (1998): Step arrangement control of vicinal Si(001) by Ag adsorption, Applied Surface Science v123 p694-698 (1998) more

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B.G. Frederick, T. Hildebrandt, C.C. Perry, Q. Chen, A.W. Munz, Th. Bertrams, V. Zielasek, N .V. Richardson, and M. Henzler (1998): Inelastic diffraction in coadsorbed periodic structures, Surface Science v418 p407-419 (1998) more

C. Voges and H. Pfnür (1998): Experimental determination of the phase-transition critical exponents α and η by integrating methods, Physical Review B v57 p3345-3355 (1998) more

D. Reinking, M. Kammler, M. Horn-von Hoegen, and K.R. Hofmann (1998): Enhanced Sb segregation in surfactant-mediated-heteroepitaxy: High-mobility, low-doped Ge on Si, Applied Physics Letters 7 v71 p924-926 (1998) more

F. Moresco, M. Rocca, T. Hildebrandt, V. Zielasek, and M. Henzler (1998): Influence of surface interband transitions on surface plasmon dispersion: K / Ag(110), Europhysics Letters v43 p433-438 (1998) more

F.-J. Meyer zu Heringdorf, D. Kähler, and M. Horn-von Hoegen (1998): Giant faceting of vicinal Si (001) induced by Au adsorption, Surface Review and Letters v5 p1167-1178 (1998) more

G. Rosenfeld, K. Morgenstern, I. Beckmann, W. Wulfhekel, E. Lægsgaard, F. Besenbacher, G. Comsa (1998): Stability of two-dimensional clusters on crystal surfaces: from Ostwald ripening to single-cluster decay, Surf. Sci. 402-404 401 (1998) more

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J. Falta, D. Bahr, and G. Materlik (1998): X-ray characterization of buried δ layers, Surface Review and Letters v5 p145-149 (1998) more

J. Falta, O. Mielmann, Th. Schmidt, A. Hille, C. Sánchez-Hanke, P. Sonntag, G. Materlik, F. Meyer zu Heringdorf, M. Kammler, M. Horn-von Hoegen, and M. Copel (1998): High concentration Bi δ layers on Si(001), Applied Surface Science v123 p538-541 (1998) more

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J. Viernow, M. Henzler, W.L. O`Brien, F.K. Men, F.M. Leibsle, D.Y. Petrovykh, J.L. Lin, and F.J. Himpsel (1998): Unoccupied surface states on Si(111) √ 3 × √ 3 - Ag, Phys. Rev. B v57 p2321-2326 (1998) more

J. Wollschläger (1998): Morphology and Defect Characterization of Epitaxial Oxide Films, Defect and Diffusion v164 p37-56 (1998) more

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J. Wollschläger, A. Klust, and H. Pietsch (1998): Inhomogeneous growth of CaF2 adlayers on Si(111) at intermediate temperatures, Appl. Surf. Science v123/124 p496-500 (1998) more

J. Wollschläger, D. Erdös, and K.-M. Schröder (1998): The formation of mosaics during the reactive growth of MgO films on Ag(100), Surf. Science v402-404 p272-276 (1998) more

J. Wollschläger, E.Z. Luo, and M. Henzler (1998): Diffraction characterization of rough films formed under stable and unstable growth conditions, Phys. Rev. B v57 p15541 - 15542 (1998) more

J. Wollschläger, H. Pietsch, R. Kayser, and A. Klust (1998): Annealing of CaF2 adlayers grown on Si(111): investigations of the morphology by atomic force microscopy, Thin Solid Films v336 p120-123 (1998) more

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M. Horn- von Hoegen, F.- J. Meyer zu Herindorf, D. Kähler, Th. Schmidt, and E. Bauer (1998): Adsorption induced giant faceting of vicinal Si (001), Thin Solid Films v336 p16-21 (1998) more

M. Horn-von Hoegen, H. Minoda, K. Yagi, F. Meyer zu Heringdorf, and D. Kähler (1998): Macroscopic one-dimensional faceting of Si(100) upon Au adsorption, Surface Science v402 p464-469 (1998) more

M.I. Larsson, M. Tringides, H. Frischat, and J. Wollschäger (1998): Thermal roughening of uncorrelated steps, Surface Science v387 p142-151 (1998) more

M.I. Larsson, M. Tringides, H. Pfnür, H. Frischat, K. Budde, M. Kammler, and M. Henzler (1998): Intensity fluctuations from surfaces and the assessment of time constants, Surface Science v411 p789-793 (1998) more

T.Nagao, S.Hasegawa, K. Tsuchie, S. Ino, C. Voges, G. Klos, H. Pfnür, and M. Henzler (1998): Structural phase transitions of Si(111) (√3×√3)- Au: phase transitions in domain-wall configurations, Phys. Rev. B v57 p10100-10109 (1998) more

U. Malaske, C. Tegenkamp, M. Henzler, and H. Pfnür (1998): Defect-induced band gap states and the contact charging effect in wide band gap insulators, Surface Science v408 p237-251 (1998) more

Postdoctoral lecture qualification

Dr. Joachim Wollschläger (1998): Zum Einfluss der Morphologie auf die Beugung an Oberflächen, (1998)

PhD theses

Betghe, Heidrun  (1998): Wasserstoffätzen und Erzeugen von Silberquantendrähten auf Silizium, PhD thesis (University Hannover) (1998)

Budde, Knut  (1998): Zu den Phasenübergängen von reinen und gemischten Edelgasschichten auf NaCl(100), PhD thesis (University Hannover) (1998)

Moresco, Francesca  (1998): ELS-LEED study of collective electronic excitations on Ag surfaces and thin films, PhD thesis (University Hannover) (1998)

Schröder, Kai-Martin  (1998): Defektstrukturen in ultra-diünnen Magnesiumoxidfilmen auf Silber(100), PhD thesis (University Hannover) (1998)

Diploma theses

Borchers, Volker (1998): Leitfähigkeitsuntersuchungen an dunnen Bleischichten, Diploma thesis (University Hannover) unpublished (1998)

Gerfen, Burkhard (1998): Messungen mit einem Pyrometer an verschiedenen Strahlungsquellen (Examensarbeit HL), Diploma thesis (University Hannover) unpublished (1998)

Kayser, Robert (1998): Modifikation dunner CaF2-Schichten auf der Si(111)-Oberfläche durch Elektronenbestrahlung, Diploma thesis (University Hannover) unpublished (1998)

Kury, Peter (1998): Untersuchungen zu Verspannung und Morphologie bei der Epitaxie von Ge, Sb und Si auf Si(111), Diploma thesis (University Hannover) unpublished (1998)

Langer, Martin (1998): Untersuchungen zur Mikrostruktur auf Siliziumoberflächen, Diploma thesis (University Hannover) unpublished (1998)

Nolte, Karsten (1998): Untersuchung der elektrischen Leitfähigkeit von dunnen Molybdänkontakten auf Silizium(111) (Examensarbeit HL), Diploma thesis (University Hannover) unpublished (1998)

Olek, Saskia (1998): Untersuchungen und Strukturierung von Isolatoroberflächen mit dem Rasterkraftmikroskop (Examensarbeit HL), Diploma thesis (University Hannover) unpublished (1998)

Seifert, Christoph (1998): STM-Untersuchungen Blei-induzierter Rekonstruktionen auf Si(111), Diploma thesis (University Hannover) unpublished (1998)

Toro, Juan Hernandez (1998): STM-Untersuchungen zur Nukleation von CaF2 im Submonolagenbereich, Diploma thesis (University Hannover) unpublished (1998)

Ulrich, Aksel (1998): Mikroskopie metallischer Kontakte auf Silizium (Examensarbeit HL), Diploma thesis (University Hannover) unpublished (1998)

Miscellaneous Publications

G. Rosenfeld, M. Eßer, K. Morgenstern, G. Comsa (1998): Ripening mechanism in ultrathin metal films, MRS-Proceedings, eds. L.T. Wille, C.P. Burmester, K. Terakura, G. Comsa, E.D. Williams, 1998, p. 111 (1998) more