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Publications, published

A.G.Fedorus, I.F.Lyuksyutov, D.Kolthoff, V.Koval, A.G.Naumovets, and H.Pfnür (1999): Orientational Phase Transitions in a Lithium Overlayer on Mo(112), Europhysics Letters v48 i4 p442-448 (1999) more

A.Petkova, J.Wollschläger, H.L.Günter, and M.Henzler (1999): Formation of an intermediate 3 x 3 phase from Pb on Si(111) at high temperature, J. Phys.: Condensed Matter v11 p9925-9932 (1999) more

C. Tegenkamp, H. Pfnür, W. Ernst, U. Malaske, J. Wollschläger, D. Peterka, K.M. Schröder, V. Zielasek, and M. Henzler (1999): Defects in epitaxial insulating thin films, J. Phys.: Condensed Matter v11 p9943-9954 (1999) more

C. Tegenkamp, M. Michailov, J. Wollschläger, and H. Pfnür (1999): Growth and surface alloy formation of Mg on Ag(100), Applied Surface Science v151 p40-48 (1999) more

C.Stampfl, H.J.Kreuzer, S.H.Payne, H.Pfnür, and M.Scheffler (1999): First-Principles Theory of Surface Thermodynamics and Kinetics, Physical Review Letters 15 v83 p2993-2996 (1999) more

D. Kolthoff, H. Pfnür, A.G. Fedorus, V. Koval, and A.G. Naumovets (1999): Multilayer relaxation of Pd (210) and Mo (211), Surface Science v439 p224-234 (1999) more

D. Peterka, C. Tegenkamp, K.-M. Schröder, W. Ernst, and H. Pfnür (1999): Oxygen surplus and oxygen vacancies on the surface of epitaxial MgO layers grown on Ag (100), Surface Science v431 p146-155 (1999) more

D. Reinking, M. Kammler, N. Hoffmann, M. Horn-von Hoegen, and K.R. Hofmann (1999): Fabrication of high-mobility Ge p-channel MOSFETs on Si substrates, Electronics Letters 6 v35 p503-504 (1999) more

F. Moresco, M. Rocca, T. Hildebrandt, and M. Henzler (1999): Collective excitations of thin films of disordered potassium adsorbed on Ag(110), Surface Science v424 p55-61 (1999) more

F. Moresco, M. Rocca, T. Hildebrandt, and M. Henzler (1999): Plasmon Confinement in Ultrathin Continuous Ag Films, Phys. Rev. Lett. v83 p2238-2241 (1999) more

F. Moresco, M. Rocca, T. Hildebrandt, V. Zielasek, and M. Henzler (1999): K adsorption on Ag(110): effect on surface structure and surface electronic excitations, Surface Science v424 p62-73 (1999) more

G. Rosenfeld, K. Morgenstern, M. Esser, G. Comsa (1999): Dynamics and stability of nanostructures on metal surfaces , Appl. Phys. A 69 489 (1999) more

H. Minoda, K. Yagi, F. J. Meyer zu Heringdorf, A. Meier, D. Kähler, and M. Horn-von Hoegen (1999): Gold-induced faceting on a Si(001) vicinal surface: Spot-profile-analyzing LEED and reflection-electron-microscopy study, Physical Review B v59 p2363-2375 (1999) more

H. Pfnür, C. Voges, K. Budde, I. Lyuksyutov, and H.-U. Everts (1999): Quantitative studies of two-dimensional first and second order phase transitions by integrating diffraction methods., J. Phys.: Condensed Matter v11 p9933-9942 (1999) more

H.Minoda, T.Shimakura, K.Yagi, F.-J.Meyer zu Heringdorf, and M.Horn von Hoegen (1999): Gold-induced faceting on an Si (hhm) surface (m/h ≡ 1.4 − 1.5) studied by spot profile analyzing low-energy electron diffraction, Surface Science v432 p69-80 (1999) more

J. Viernow, D.Y. Petrovykh, A. Kirkosian, J.-M. Lin, F.K. Men, M. Henzler, and F.J. Himpsel (1999): Chemical imaging of insulators by STM, Physical Review B 15 v59 p10356-10361 (1999) more

J. Viernow, D.Y. Petrovykh, F.K. Men, A. Kirakosian, J.-L. Lin, and F.J. Himpsel (1999): Linear arrays of CaF&sub2; nanostructures on Si, Applied Physics Letters i15 v74 p2125-2127 (1999) more

J. Wollschläger, J. Viernow, C. Tegenkamp, D. Erdös, K.M. Schröder, and H. Pfnür (1999): Stoichiometry and morphology of MgO films grown reactively on Ag(100), Applied Surface Science v142 p129-134 (1999) more

K. Morgenstern, E. Lægsgaard, I. Steensgaard, F. Besenbacher, M. Böhringer, W.-D. Schneider, R. Berndt, F. Mauri, A. De Vita, R. Car (1999): Stability of two-dimensional nanostructures , Appl. Phys. A 69 559 (1999) more

K. Morgenstern, E. Lægsgaard, I. Stensgaard, F. Besenbacher (1999): Transition of one-dimensional to two-dimensional island decay on an anisotropic surface, Phys. Rev. Lett. 83 1613 (1999) more

K. Morgenstern, G. Rosenfeld, G. Comsa (1999): Local correlation during Ostwald ripening of two-dimensional islands on Ag(111), Surf. Sci. 441 289 (1999) more

K.Budde, I.Lyuksuytov, H.Pfnür, G.Godzik, and H.-U.Everts (1999): Scaling of the hysteresis loop in two-dimensional solidifiation, Europhysics Letters v47 p575-581 (1999) more

M. Böhringer, K. Morgenstern, W.-D. Schneider, R. Berndt (1999): Separation of a racemic mixture of two-dimensional molecular clusters: the Pasteur experiment on the nanoscale, Angw. Chem. 111 832 (1999) more

M. Böhringer, K. Morgenstern, W.-D. Schneider, R. Berndt, F. Mauri, A. De Vita, R. Car (1999): Two-dimensional self-assembly of magic molecular clusters on a metal surface, Phys. Rev. Lett. 83 324 (1999) more

M. Henzler (1999): Comment on Rotated incommensurate domains of Co ultrathin films on Pt (111) by J. S. Tsay and C. S. Shern [Surf. Sci. 396 (1998) 319], Surface Science v419 p321-324 (1999) more

M. Henzler, O. Pfennigstorf, K. Lang, T. Lüer, F. Moresco, and T. Hildebrandt (1999): Structure and electronic properties of epitaxical metallic monolayers, Surface Science v438 p178-184 (1999) more

M. Henzler, T. Lüer, and J. Heitmann (1999): Magnetconductivity of ultrathin epitaxial Ag Films on Si (111) 7 × 7 at low temperatures, Physical Review B v59 p2383-2387 (1999) more

M. Horn-von Hoegen, F.-J. Meyer zu Heringdorf, R. Hild, P. Zahl, Th. Schmidt, and E. Bauer (1999): Au-induced giant faceting of vicinal Si(001), Surface Science v433-435 p475-480 (1999) more

M. Horn-von-Hoegen (1999): Growth of semiconductor layers studied by spot profile analysing low energy electron diffraction, Zeitschrift für Kristallographie v214 p591-665 (1999)

M. Kammler, D. Reinking, K.R. Hofmann and M. Horn-von Hoegen (1999): Surfactant-mediated epitaxy of Ge on Si: progress in growth and electrical characterization, Thin Solid Films v336 p29-33 (1999) more

P. Zahl, P. Kury, and M. Horn-von Hoegen (1999): Interplay of surface morphology, strain relief, and surface stress during surfactant mediated epitaxy of Ge on Si, Appl. Phys. A v69 p481-488 (1999) more

PhD theses

Hildebrandt, Torsten  (1999): Kollektive elektronische Anregungen strukturierter Silberschichten, PhD thesis (University Hannover) (1999)

Meyer zu Heringdorf, Frank-J.  (1999): Goldinduzierte Nanostrukturierung vicinaler Si(001) Oberflächen, PhD thesis (University Hannover) (1999)

Schnasse, Guido  (1999): Rauhigkeitsanalyse polierter und naßchemisch präparierter Siliziumoberflächen, PhD thesis (University Hannover) (1999)

Viernow, Jörg  (1999): Design von Nanostrukturen auf Silizium, PhD thesis (University Hannover) (1999)

Diploma theses

Höpken, Robert (1999): Morphologie von NiO-Schichten auf Ag(100) (Examensarbeit HL), Diploma thesis (University Hannover) unpublished (1999)

Olek, Saskia (1999): Untersuchung und Strukturierung von Isolatoroberflächen mit dem Rasterkraftmikroskop

Rönitz, Neele (1999): Elektronische Eigenschaften dünner Cs-Schichten auf Si(111) 7x7, Diploma thesis (University Hannover) unpublished (1999)

Schröder, Stefan (1999): Streulichtuntersuchungen und Neigungsmikroskopie an geheizten Silizium-Oberflächen, Diploma thesis (University Hannover) unpublished (1999)