Master and Bachelor theses and seminar papers

We are glad that you are interested in conducting a Bachelor or Master thesis or a seminar paper with us. On this page you find a summary of the announced theses of the different research groups. You are invited to get into contact with the individual groups in order to discuss possible theses topics personally.


Group Ding

Conceivable research fields for theses are:

  • Epitaxial growth as well as micro- and nanofabrication of semiconductors
  • Low teperature spectroscopy of low-dimensional quantum systems
  • Quantum optical measurements as well as measurement control and data analysis with Python

Group Zhang

Conceivable research fields for theses are:

  • High energy density lithium ion batteries
  • New electrode materials for lithium sulfur batteries
  • Solid electrolyte batteries


Group Haug

Conceivable research fields for theses are:

  • Single electron tunneling in multiple quantum dots
  • Resonate tunneling in graphene or GaAs/AlGaAs heterostructures
  • Examination of quantum systems in graphene, carbon nanotubes or heterostructures of stacked 2D materials

Group Oestreich

Conceivable research fields for theses are:

  • Ultrafast, time-resolved measurements of semiconductor's intrinsic properties
  • Non-pertubative Spin-Noise-Spectroscopy for the determination of Spin dynamics
  • Optical investigation of zero-dimensional quantum dots

Group Schell

Conceivable research fields for theses include: 

  • Design and fabrication of photonic components for quantum technologies
  • Spectroscopy of novel quantum emitters
  • Coupling of quantum emitters to integrated and fibre based systems
  • Levitation of nano particles in an ion trap


Group Brendel

Conceivable research fields for theses are

  • Simulations for the analysis, characterization and optimization of solar cells
  • Simulation for yield prognosis of photovoltaic modules
  • Various work in the laboratory and in practice at ISFH

Group Schmidt

Conceivable research fields for theses are:

  • Light-induced degradation of perovskite / silicon tandem solar cells
  • Hydrogen-correlated defect reactions in crystalline silicon
  • Contactless characterization of perovskite thin films