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Solar research, based on Si-technology, has a very long history at our institute. Meanwhile, the engineering of passivation layers and perfect interfaces has become important for further optimization of the conversion efficiencies. In order to overcome these challenges the expertise in the fields of growth and characterization is beneficial and triggers a lot of research. 

Besides these application-driven aspects the institute explores the potential of other material classes and nanostructures for future energy concepts, e.g. ballistic transport in graphene.

Some recent examples:

Electronic and Chemical Properties of the c-Si/Al2O3 Interface

Journal of Applied Physics 109, 113701 (2011)

Picture:Effective lifetime at an injection density Δn=1015 cm-3 measured on 1.5Ωcm p-type FZ-Si passivated by Al2O3 films of varying thickness, deposited by plasma-assisted and thermal ALD.