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from APL 109, 113701 (2011)

Let nature do the job – by epitaxy the growth of crystalline overlayers on crystalline substrates is a powerful tool and key technology to grow nanostructures with atomic precision. Depending on lattice parameters and surface energies the nanostructures can tuned with respect to their  vertical and lateral dimensions, e.g- giving rise to the growth of  2DEGs and sophisticated quantum dot structures. Moreover, the same technique is applied in our institute to grow passivation layers for modern Si-based solar cells or thin high-dielectric insulting films. 

The institute has ample experience to grow and characterize metallic, semiconducting and insulating structures. Among others, CVD, MBE and ALD are the most common techniques. The film quality is monitored by AFM, STM, TEM, XPS, LEED and Raman.