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Vasilyeva, G. Y., Smirnov, D., Vasilyev, Y. B., Greshnov, A. A., & Haug, R. J. (2019). Edge Doping in Graphene Devices on SiO2 Substrates. Semiconductors, 53(12), 1672-1676.

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Wagner, T., Talkner, P., Bayer, J., Rugeramigabo, E. P., Hänggi, P., & Haug, R. J. (2019). Quantum stochastic resonance in an a.c.-driven single-electron quantum dot. Nature physics, 15(4), 330-334.


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Mohmeyer, A., Schaate, A., Brechtken, B., Rode, J. C., Warwas, D. P., Zahn, G., Haug, R. J., & Behrens, P. (2018). Delamination and Photochemical Modification of a Novel Two-Dimensional Zr-Based Metal–Organic Frameworks. Chemistry - a European journal, 24(49), 12848-12855.


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