Welcome to the light & matter group

The central goal of our research is to experimentally research on the ultimate limits of single emitter and single photon spectroscopy. This includes their detection, their microscopic localization, and the sensing of single emitters and their environment.

In some experiments we couple single molecules to other quantum objects, such as silver nanowires, atomic vapors, etc.. The combination of single solid-state emitters and the narrow-band features of an atomic system opens up a novel field of quantum-hybrid systems. Our research on single molecules has been very influential to other areas, such as the research on quantum dots and single atoms.

For quantum sensing and quantum optics we utilize hot atomic vapors, which represent a very robust line of quantum technologies.

Quantum hacking is the vital combination of quantum information, information theory and the daily quest to extend our view on information security. We perform real-word quantum cryptography, which is more than simply sending single photons from A to B.