Research in the group of Prof. Rolf J. Haug

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The group of Prof. Rolf J. Haug has a long-standing experience in the field of nanostructured semiconductors focusing on quantum effects in low-dimensional electron systems.

Particularly, we are interested in charge qubits and single electron tunneling in multiple quantum dot systems but also in resonate tunneling in graphene or GaAs heterostructures. The focus of our scientific work is on the electronic properties of quantum systems in graphene, carbon nanotubes and heterostructures of several 2D materials. Especially, we examine topological effects and interactions effects like e. g. the fractional quantum Hall effect.

Most devices under study are manufactured by us due to our good equipment. We can us our own cleanroom which is equipped with everything necessary like e.g. optical lithography techniques and several evaporation plants. Additionally, we have access to advanced lithography techniques like electron beam and AFM nano-lithography.

The electronic properties are studied in different transport measurements at low temperatures and high magnetic fields. Therefore, we have different cryo systems which provide temperature down to 10 mK and magnetic fields up to 20 T.