Current research topics

Defects in semiconductors for photovoltaics

  • Light-induced recombination centres
  • Interaction of impurities
  • Spatially resolved analysis of recombination and trapping centers

New characterization methods

  • Temperature and injection dependent charge carrier lifetime spectroscopy
  • Spatially resolved measurement of charge carrier lifetimes, trap densities and energy levels using camera-based methods (IR, PL)
  • Time and temperature dependent measurement of charge carrier lifetimes and solar cell parameters to analyze the kinetics of defect reactions
  • Combined corona lifetime method for interface characterization

Surface passivation and selective coatings

  • Low temperature surface passivation (z.B. a-SiNx, a-Si, Al2O3, …)
  • Charge carrier selective layers (PEDOT:PSS, TiOx…)
  • Analysis of the fundamental physical passivation mechanisms
  • Characterization of interface properties (density of states, recombination)
  • Theoretical modeling of surface recombination

The experimental work of AG Schmidt takes place mainly at the Institute for Solar Energy Research Hamelin (ISFH)