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Bettels, F., Lin, Z., Li, Z., Shao, Y., Ding, F., Liu, S., Zhang, L., & Liu, Y. (2023). Recent Advances in Transition-Metal-Based Catalytic Material for Room-Temperature Sodium–Sulfur Batteries. Advanced functional materials.
Liu, Z., Wang, R., Ma, Q., Wan, J., Zhang, S., Zhang, L., Li, H., Luo, Q., Wu, J., Zhou, T., Mao, J., Zhang, L., Zhang, C., & Guo, Z. (Accepted/In press). A Dual-Functional Organic Electrolyte Additive with Regulating Suitable Overpotential for Building Highly Reversible Aqueous Zinc Ion Batteries. Advanced functional materials.
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Wang, R., Ma, Q., Zhang, L., Liu, Z., Wan, J., Mao, J., Li, H., Zhang, S., Hao, J., Zhang, L., & Zhang, C. (2023). An Aqueous Electrolyte Regulator for Highly Stable Zinc Anode Under −35 to 65 °C. Advanced energy materials.


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Zhang, C., Li, H., Zeng, X., Xi, S., Wang, R., Zhang, L., Liang, G., Davey, K., Liu, Y., Zhang, L., Zhang, S., & Guo, Z. (2022). Accelerated Diffusion Kinetics in ZnTe/CoTe2 Heterojunctions for High Rate Potassium Storage. Advanced energy materials, 12(41), [2202577].


Liu, Y., Barnscheidt, Y., Peng, M., Bettels, F., He, T., Ding, F., & Zhang, L. (2021). A Biomass‐Based Integral Approach Enables Li‐S Full Pouch Cells with Exceptional Power Density and Energy Density. Advanced science, 8(14), 2101182. [2101182].
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Liu, B., Sun, X., Liao, Z., Lu, X., Zhang, L., & Hao, G-P. (2021). Nitrogen and boron doped carbon layer coated multiwall carbon nanotubes as high performance anode materials for lithium ion batteries. Scientific reports, 11, [5633].


Liu, Y., Zhen, Y., Li, T., Bettels, F., He, T., Peng, M., Liang, Y., Ding, F., & Zhang, L. (2020). High‐Capacity, Dendrite‐Free, and Ultrahigh‐Rate Lithium‐Metal Anodes Based on Monodisperse N‐Doped Hollow Carbon Nanospheres. Small, 16(44), [2004770].
Liu, Y., Ma, S., Liu, L., Koch, J., Rosebrock, M., Li, T., Bettels, F., He, T., Pfnür, H., Bigall, N. C., Feldhoff, A., Ding, F., & Zhang, L. (2020). Nitrogen Doping Improves the Immobilization and Catalytic Effects of Co9S8 in Li-S Batteries. Advanced functional materials, 30(32), [2002462].
Wang, Z., Li, Y., Huang, S., Liu, L., Wang, Y., Jin, J., Kong, D., Zhang, L., & Schmidt, O. G. (2020). PVD customized 2D porous amorphous silicon nanoflakes percolated with carbon nanotubes for high areal capacity lithium ion batteries. Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 8(9), 4836-4843.


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